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Modern individuals want more control of their lives. Just look at yourselves. Some of you work 50+ hours a week sitting at your desks while others may have 2 jobs to take care of their families. Busy lifestyles leave individuals with little time to do a lot. This phenomenon is called ‘Time Poverty.’ It is a state where individuals do not have enough discretionary time – the time available after engaging in necessary activities – to participate in activities that build their social and human capital. [1]   Essentially, humans feel they have no control and less time to do the things that matter most to them. That is why they want ease, speed and control in their daily tasks; so, they can squeeze time for everything else. And if these daily tasks can be made fun along the way, even better. Addressing time poverty is at the heart of most modern mobile applications and websites. The successful ones lay emphasis on improving UX and UI. Take for instance Amazon. Why do people flock to it? B