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Changing Remittances Forever - The Future

$556 billion was remitted across the world in 2019. [1] This is larger than the combined GDP of 41 of Africa’s poorest countries. $23bn alone was remitted into Pakistan in FY2020. [2] This is 8% of its GDP. Remittances play a vital role in churning the wheels of the global economy. But modern expats & immigrants, especially those living in developed countries, like myself, still face a multitude of problems when they remit money despite a plethora of service providers. The 3 main ones are: [3]        No control of the money they send     Money mismanagement     High fees Value Added Services (VAS) Existing remittance companies - banks, Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) and startups - all operate the same business model; they take your money, send it from country A to country B and charge you for it. On the face of it, there is nothing wrong with this vanilla offering . However, it does not address the problems of the modern expat. Dig deeper and you will find expats &a