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      Think of everything you know about remittance companies. Now, throw it away. Think radically. Think fresh. That’s Bayfikr. We are better than anything out there. Why?   1.     You can pay Pakistani utility bills, schools & more, directly, instantly, securely. 2.      Pay with your international bank account. No need to send money to your family or to your Pakistani bank account. 3.      All you need is your mobile phone. No need to upload 7 different documents on your computer. 4 .      We don’t take days or hours to open your account. We do it in minutes.   5.      Bayfikr app is easy to use & made exclusively for Overseas Pakistanis.    So, if you are on Overseas Pakistani, join our waitlist and disrupt remittances forever.   Rascim K Khattak is the Co-Founder of Bayfikr . Bayfikr is a mobile platform empowering expats and immigrants to make home country C2B payments directly, instantly and conveniently. Rascim graduated with an MBA from London Business School