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Are you a Pakistani expat? Do you want control of the money you send to your family? How often have you thought about paying for your family’s expenses (bills, schools, hospitals etc.) in your home country directly without actually remitting the money to them or to your home country bank account? Would you like to do it instantly, securely and conveniently? With Bayfikr you can! Imagine you are an expat and want to pay your family’s electricity bill in your home country. Currently there are 3 ways to do it: All these methods are inconvenient, inefficient, slow and expensive. You don’t want any of this. You shouldn’t. BAYFIKR IS BETTER With Bayfikr, you simply login, select your biller and pay. That’s it!  Do it with your international bank account. No need to remit money to someone or to your home country bank account. We connect you directly with your home country biller so you’re in control of the money you send and see in real time what your loved ones spend on. Modern expats &